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Energy and Sustainable product developement


Conditions to transform the Industrial System in order to Design and Manufacture Sustainable Products


Eco-design     Product     Remanufacturing     Industrial System

Short Description

A sustainable product is a clean and remanufacturable product, that is to say, a product which we can put back in the production circuit at its end of life, after it has been brought to “like-new” conditions. Thus, it keeps its added value, its life cycle is expanded and stock of wastes are not increased.This project wonders about the conditions to transform the industrial system in order to set up an industrial strategy for designing and manufacturing sustainable products. Therefore, the purpose is to, firstly, establish the corpus of scientific knowledge allowing this kind of eco-conception, then to propose a socio-economic system to insure the efficiency and rentability of such an approach, and finally to study strategies in order to integrate it efficiently in a firm. This project associate different laboratories in the field of Engineer Science and Economy to gather knowledge in design, in evaluating the environmental impacts and firm organisation.