The Tool Repro˛

Repro 2 means : REmanufacturing with the aid of PROduct PROfiles. It is a design tool created by M. Lopez during his PhD which aims to assist designers create products which are easier to remanufacture [Intégration des contraintes de remanufacturabilité en conception de produits, Miguel LOPEZ-ONTIVEROS, PhD thesis, june 14, 2004].

An exhaustive analysis of the criteria, both internal and external to product design, which affect the the success with which a product is remanufactured was undertaken by studying 28 products already remnufactured with success. This analysis allowed the identification of:
  • the most significant criteria
  • 11 remanufacturable product profiles

Most of the design tools currently available have limited use for a designer as they either give advice which is too general, or they require an enourmous amount of detailed product information to be collected which is often a laborious if not unfeasible task.

The advantage of Repro2 is that it can be applied from the earliest design stages using information which is easily obtained by the designer. Furthermore, it is able to use this information to provide quick and pertinent guidance as to which aspects of the product design should receive most attention.